Buying or renting referrals for maximizing PTC earnings is a game that few know how to play and many post strategies about it. But what is the truth behind this?

Click bot

The facts are not enough and there are a lot of different opinions when people talk about this matter and we can’t accuse anyone.

Almost every Paid to Click website script that is sold out there seems to give the option of selling and renting referrals that are actually click bots. Many admins prefer not to use this option but many more seems to use it.


GeN4 script caught in action…


Admins that sell or rent real referrals are actually paying for keeping clickers with them and for getting (less) money faster. In this case, clickers almost always have a return on their investment and the admin always has a small loss at the end of the month but she/he got his money faster and kept his/her clickers happy enough to come back for more.

Admins that sell or rent fake referrals (click bots) do it for the money. In this case, clickers almost always take a loss on their investment and the admin always has a profit at the end of the month.


Selling click bots as referrals is unethical and has the following consequences:

1. Clickers are not getting what they paid for and lose money.

2. Advertisers are not getting what they paid for as their ads are clicked by bots that have the same ISP and are from the same domain (invalid hits for ptp pages).

3. The website itself will close sooner or later as clickers leave when they lose money and advertisers stop buying clicks for their pages as they want real people to visit their websites. Not bots.


NOTICE: Buying or renting referrals can be risky even at websites that sell real ones, as people sometimes do not click every day or even quit.

click_bot_etc (1)

“etc…” like “..if you know what I mean ;)”


Strong indications that you are buying or renting click bots or members that do not click:

1. You never have a return on your investment, obviously!

2. Every day MOST of your referrals click some of the available ads instead of all of them. MOST real people, when they decide to click on a particular day, they click all the available ads of that day, not just 3 out of 4.

3. Membership count jumps! When new (click bot) referral packages are sold, membership count jumps as most scripts count click bots as real members. This can be noticed easily when a website is new.

4. As an advertiser, you can see bot visits to your page at your traffic stats or invalid hits if you are promoting a Paid to Promote (ptp) page. This one is not just an indication, it is a PROOF and you should ask for your money back!


Simple advice to protect yourself:

Of course never buying referrals cannot be an advice. There are people making HUGE profits from buying/renting referrals and it is very possible to replicate their success. You will never know if you can do it, if you don’t try. You just have to be careful. Look for indications as mentioned above, look at the scam lists for the reputation of the website you are in and finally by very careful with new websites that seem too promising. Many new admins come for the quick buck. They manipulate their membership count just to show that they have a fast growing website and they offer good money per click and attractive ad packages just to gather clickers and advertisers. After selling a few ad packages and a few ref packages and upgrades, they pay no one and close their websites.