It has been a few weeks since my last post at BuxEnz and there is a good reason for this.

I was doing my research on Bitcoin and Litecoin, testing websites that give away small fragments of those crypto currencies, trying to figure out which of those worth our time since it seems that we lost that train…




And then I found this:



For a week now, I’m on this all day long and making money!

I’m truly sorry for not sending you this earlier but I literally forgot about all my other activities, including BuxEnz!

Anyway, maybe we lost the Bitcoin – Litecoin train (many disagree and say that we are just at the beginning) but we are right at the beginning of a new era of crypto-currencies that makes Millionaires EVERY day!


When Bitcoin was starting and was so easy to get, would you go after it, if you knew that it would sell for around $900 (current price) in the near future?


Yes! We are sitting on a new Goldmine right now and those that will go digging this year will make a lot, and I mean A LOT of money!


The best part?

You can start right now!

– You don’t need fancy hardware

– You don’t need experience

– You don’t need money

…and it has nothing to do with internet marketing, selling products, CPA, etc…


All you need is the desire to be part of this new digital revolution and this guide to give you the correct directions:

James Renouf’s Crypto Mania