Nov 3, 2013

PaidCoin just sent the following e-mail

PaidCoin News

Dear PaidCoin Members,

As promised, we worked really hard to get our main domain back and YES! is now available!

We’ve made many investigations to solve this issue and suspended those
users who were using spam techniques to advertise their URLs.

After negotiating with our domain registrar, and with their help, our domain
is now available again, and now you can access PaidCoin network using both
domain names.

We recommend changing your referral URLs back again to .COM instead
of .NET but it will also work if you keep it as .NET with no problems.

Please note that after 4 hours from now, we will make DNS changes to our
servers to re-enable our main domain, at this time you may have some
problems accessing our website. If you have such a problem, you can access
the website directly by using our website IP address:

All pending withdrawals will be processed within 12 hours from now, if you still
have a pending withdrawal after 12 hours, be sure that your paypal account is
allowed to receive payments in your country. If your paypal account is not
allowed to get payments, we will cancel your withdrawal request and transfer it
back to your account balance so you can withdraw it again after enabling other
payment gateways (soon).

Thank you for using PaidCoin!

PaidCoin Team


Nov 1, 2013

12 hours ago PaidCoin sent the following e-mail

PaidCoin News

Dear Members,

This is an update to let you know that we have changed our domain name temporarily from PaidCoin.COM to PaidCoin.NET

Please login to your account using our new domain


Be sure to change your referral URL in your ads or forums and edit .com with .net

We also appreciate it if you could update your referrals and friends about this issue!


This change was made because some of our users were using spam techniques to advertise their referral urls and we were contacted by our registrar to solve this issue, we are investigating the accounts of those users and the issue will be solved soon.

We will update you soon with our new updates and fetures.

Thank you for choosing PaidCoin!

PaidCoin Team