This review is not final as this is a new website and updates will be posted according to its progress.
Usually I do not post a review for a new website but the concept of is so unique that got me excited enough to make this review. Review is a hybrid. It is not just a website about exchanging likes, shares, +1s and follows at social media. It is not just a “Paid to Click” website where you are getting paid to click on like, share, +1 and follow at social media instead of clicking on regular links. It is not just a traffic exchange. It is all those in one, with a system that seems to ensure that there will always be lots of money for those that will join for the money and plenty quality social media clicks for those that join for the social clicks for their pages.

For every action you earn coins that you can redeem for real money paid via PayPal or for gaining likes and shares to your pages. For those that want only likes and shares and have no time for clicking there is the option of buying coins.

This is perfect especially for websites in the make money online niche as many people will be clicking just for money! Excellent for my Facebook page that wasn’t getting many likes, because now I’m getting easy likes to a page that is mainly about making money from clicking from people that are mostly clicking for money :)

Those that go after the money may redeem 800 coins for $1 that can be cashed out via PayPal within 24 hours.

Each click gives you a maximum of 15 coins with most clicks being between 9 and 4 coins right now.

The free membership limits your clicks to 50 per day while there are hundreds of clicks to be done daily. This means that as a free member it’s hard to make more than 300 – 400 coins daily.

The VIP membership is a no brainer! You may do unlimited clicks daily while you earn 100 bonus coins daily and you can break even in a matter of days. Here is why:
30 days of VIP cost $6.99 (you get a discount if you buy more).
Your total bonus coins for those days are 30 x 100 = 3000 coins.
Since 800 coins = $1, 3000 coins are 3000 / 800 = $3,75.
Add $0,25 sign up bonus to that and you have $4 without any clicking.
So you need $3 more to cover your upgrade or 3 x 800 = 2400 coins which can easily be earned within a few days and the rest will be pure earnings.

So far the ways for earning coins are:

– Facebook
Fan Page Likes
Website Likes
Photo Likes

– Twitter
Tweets & Re-tweets

– YouTube

– Google+1s

– Website visits

The option to invest in this project by buying share packages along with their investment plan page that looks like a HYIP made me contact their support and here is what they told me about this matter:

“we are aware that every beginning in the levels of technical and financial dimensions could be harsh at the birth of any new unique project. So, we decided that a Fund-Raising campaign fits for achieving this milestone. Herein, we let our members invest in this program as real investors but not as HYIP investors and we will no longer accept investors within 2 weeks from now as our project is almost funded.”

Fair enough. There are funding packages from $10 while the lowest HYIP package begins at $10,000. Obviously no one spends that much on a HYIP and that HYIP page is probably part of the script that this website is based on and hopefully will be deleted soon. referral program
For each user you refer to Paid Coin you earn $0.05 , 50 coins, 25% from money spent and 7% from each investment made.

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They accept members from: Worldwide.