Paid Viewpoint is one of the best paid surveys websites. Most of their surveys take about 5-6 minutes to complete with an average of 10 questions per survey and they limit their longer surveys to 25 questions with 120 characters per question and 90 possible answers maximum. Also they limit the number of open-ended questions (where you have to type in answers). All this makes Paid Viewpoint very “survey-taker” friendly.
Paid Viewpoint Review
The best part of Paid Viewpoint is that they pay ONLY cash for every single question you answer in every Survey. Also if they invite you it means that you already qualify for that survey and you will be paid. Of course you have to accept the invitation before the survey closes. Members from a few countries have the choice to receive notifications about new surveys via SMS and they may complete the surveys on their iOS (Apple) or Android mobile phones. No app is needed for this.

Because Paid Viewpoint wanted to offer honest survey takers to their costumers they introduced TraitScore. Log in every day to see if you have a “trait survey”. At some point I was getting a trait survey on a daily basis. Those surveys are about you and include questions already answered by you. All you have to do is be honest when you answer the questions and you TraitScore will raise. I took my first REAL survey after my TraitScore gone beyond 2000 points, so keep taking your trait surveys. A high TraitScore means more surveys and more money per question answered.

Paid Viewpoint Review
Minimum cash-out is $15 paid via PayPal within 72 hours which is OK for a Paid Surveys website.

Their referral program is very attractive. Every time one of your referrals cashes out you get paid 20% of every biz survey reward they’ve accumulated. You can earn up to $25 for every referrals. There is also the VIP community builder, where you can collect your 20% without waiting for your referrals to cash out and you need to have 100+ referrals to apply for this.

They accept members from: Worldwide.