This LTC4YOU Review might change in the future as this is a new website.


This is a review of LTC4YOU


In case you missed the Bitcoin train, don’t worry! Litecoin is here and its price is rising fast!

Out of the many peer-to-peer crypto-currencies that came out after the no1 Bitcoin, Litecoin became fast the no2.


Litecoin, a new peer-to-peer crypto-currency
Litecoin or LTC or Ł


Bitcoin used to worth a few cents when it came out and right now it is sold for around $900.

The much younger Litecoin reached $30 much faster than his big brother and it is expected to reach $300 in the next few months.

Click here to take a look at current price of Litecoin.


Back to the LTC4YOU review…

LTC4YOU is a website that is giving away Litecoins just like that! You click on a button every hour and you win between 40μLTC and 200μLTC.


LTC4YOU Review, this is how the game looks like.

I just won 40μLTC!


That might not sound a lot but it will be a lot soon plus it is better than most clicks in the PTC world!


LTC4YOU review screenshot from my litecoin wallet
Got paid!


I do not know for how long these guys at LTC4YOU are going to give away Litecoins and if they keep up doing this they will be giving away less LTC for each click as the Litecoin price keeps raising. So do NOT leave this for later! Join now!


LTC4YOU Review winnings chart


Why LTC4YOU is giving away Litecoins is a question that made me too skeptical until they send me a payment. I can think of 2 reasons:
1. They create a website with high traffic and they make money out of ads while they are gathering e-mail addresses for sending ads later. (Like with every PTC do not sign up with your primary e-mail).
2. They have a lot of Litecoins in their hands and by giving away a few they make the coin more popular and popularity leads to demand and demand is what makes those digital coins so expensive as they are limited in number. In fewer words they try to make their Litecoins much more expensive by giving away just a few.


LTC4YOU pays every Sunday and minimum payout is 500μLTC which can be reached in just 13 clicks.

There is also a 50% referrals commission.


You will need a Litecoin wallet for your withdrawals. Download one for free from the official Litecoin website and install it. Easy and takes just a minute.

After that, in order to ensure payment, follow these simple steps:
1. Open your Litecoin wallet and click the “Receive” Tab.
2. At the bottom click “New Address” and “label” it LTC4YOU.
3. Click on your new address to highlight it and click “Copy Address”

LTC4YOU review, the Litecoin wallet
4. At the LTC4YOU website click “Account” at the top bar
5. Right under “Update account informations” paste your new LTC address and click “Save!”

LTC4YOU review, insert your address here
6. You are done! Now at the left side bar under “LTC payout address” you should see your own LTC address.

Your LTC payout address

Make sure that you see your OWN LTC address there


There are a lot of websites exchanging Litecoins for currencies like US dollars and EUROs.
Most popular right now is BTC-e.

In case you have questions, post below

UPDATE 26-12-2013: Earnings potential dropped by 95% since I posted the review above.
Now you have to refer people for increasing the value of the earnings from the games you play while you don’t earn from the games that your referrals play anymore.
Also every day 30 random players earn prizes between 1000μLTC and 6000μLTC but only if they log in.
I removed LTC4YOU from the “Top Websites” category as it doesn’t look that good anymore.
In case you still want to join…


Click Here to join!