Cashons is a reliable PTC website and here is a review.

cashons website review

I learned about when I bought a banner ad for my website at forum. Those 2 websites have the same admin and he gave me a bonus advertising package at Cashons.

This PTC website has been around and since 2010 and until now has paid over $12,000 to its 36,000 members.

After you log in for the first time look for an e-mail that informs your for your daily cash and advertising login bonus. You will see that there is an addon to this bonus. Just reply to that e-mail and say that you are interested for the addon.

Cashons rewards activity. Ads value increases over time for active clickers and more rewards are added for them. In the members area you will find a variety of ways to earn and there is almost always a click contest and a referral contest going on. At the other hand there are penalties for inactivity. You lose your balance after 30 days of inactivity, your referrals after 60 days and your advertising credits after 90 days. One click every 30 days is enough for keeping your account active.

cashons review ptc

Advertisers will find a lot of cheap adverting packages. Just create an account to buy and manage your ads.

PTP for free members is $0.10 per 1000 hits and it goes up to $0.40 for upgraded members.

There is 1 level referral commissions. 10% for free members and it goes up to 80% for upgraded members.
You have to click at least 10 PTC ads each day to receive referral commissions for the next day.

Upgraded members also earn more for their clicks, earn more advertising credits and they are getting paid when their referrals purchase ad packages and upgrades.

Cashons pay via PayPal and Payza within 3 business days. Minimum payout via PayPal is $1 and decreases with each payment until $0.60 on your 5th payment, and it is $1.05 via Payza and slightly increases until $1.25 on your 5th payment. For upgraded members all payouts are $0.60 minimum for PayPal and $1.05 for Payza.

Cashons accepts members from all over the world.
Users from China, Vietnam and Indonesia must buy a special account verification upgrade that is a $3 one-time payment (lifetime) in order to get cash payments.


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