Here are 8 tips about how to get the most out of the PTCs, PTRs and GPTs:

1. When you create an account you might have to choose the categories of ads you want to receive and/or view. Don’t blind click all the categories! Some websites test if you are a bot or someone that can’t read English by putting between the categories, choices like “delete me” and “donate my earnings”. Do not click on those because your account will be deleted or your earning will be donated. Always carefully read what you click.

2. When you are about to click on a site or within an e-mail, be sure that you don’t click a “cheat link”. This is another way of the admins to get rid of the blind clickers. You will learn to recognize those links easily as soon as you avoid the first one.

Get the most out of the PTCs

3. Put the mail address that the PTR website uses for sending you mails in your contact list. This way you will be sure that the mails you get do not go at the spam folder.

4. Click on the credit links, from time to time. The admin will show his appreciation by sending you more ads.

Get the most out of the PTRs

5. If you are not happy with the number of the ads you are receiving from a PTR, contact the admin and say that you have much time to click on ads and/or read mails. Sometimes this works.

6. Do not gamble or bet! Some websites offer gamble and betting games where you can play with your earnings. Don’t play because probably you will lose your money and you will not get paid.

Get the most out of the GPTs

7. Always wait for the timer to end before you click another link of the same PTR or PTC website.

8. Never have the same password for every website! If someone hacks one, then he will have your password for the rest. Keep all your passwords in a notebook so you don’t forget them.